Last night, there was only two of us eating dinner – the three kids were out. I made risotto, but I made the same amount as would normally feed five of us because Max asked me to make Arancini today.

After we ate, I bunged the rest in the fridge overnight. It doesn’t look very appitising, I know but here it is Chicken, pea and red onion risotto.


I next rolled them into balls a little bigger than a golf ball (approx. 65g or 2 1/2 oz). They need to be small enough that they will warm through when fried and big enough to take a little stuffing. Keep wetting your hands – it will stop the rice sticking to you.

For stuffing I used a little (a third – half a teaspoon) of mild salsa and a small chunk of mozzarella. stick your finger in each ball, put in the stuffings and close over the ball again.

The we are on to the messy bit – the breadcrumb crust – I use Panko breadcrumbs, basically because they are nicer and crunchier. You’ll also need to use a beaten egg and try to master the wet hand, dry hand method.


I drop the rice balls into the beaten egg and, using my left hand, make sure it is well coated. I then pick it up and flip it into the breadcrumbs. I shake the bowl to make sure they pick up a nice coating of crumbs and use my right hand to lift it out. Ready to fry!

I’m not sure what the temperature of the oil is, but you can use the piece of bread method. Drop a bit in and if it starts to fizzle, it’s good. Basically, the oil shouldn’t be too cold or the coading will be really oily and if it’s too hot, it will burn. If it’s just right, the arancini will be warmed through, the mozzarella will be nice and gooey and the outside will be lovely and crispy.



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  1. It is best if you use Risotto, as ordinary rice isn’t “sticky” enough to hold together in a ball

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